In SFTW you organise your own volunteering, we believe that sports it’s the perfect vehicle to connect society to create a positive impact.

With sport for the world you won’t pay to volunteer, as our hosts will provide housing and fooding, you just need to cover your travel spends and the extras at the location you will be landing.

Are you a football coach? a physical education teacher?a basketball referee? if your passion involves movement of the body you are ready to go.

Join our community!



Inform yourself

You must first know what is what you want to help on and why you want to do it.


Once you register in our database we will find the perfect Host for you.

Do the actions to help the world

We need you to help the world to come at 0 cost, ready to do it?

Enjoy your volunteering program

Everything ready, just prepare yourself now to enjoy everything that it comes.

How to volunteer

The concept of volunteering in SFTW is different from that of other organizations.

In SFTW the volunteer has autonomy to decide how many hours he or she spends, what activities he or she performs and what methodologies he or she uses.

Actions to get your volunteer for free

In SFTW, we don’t want you to spend anything to be able to volunteer.

At the same time, we believe that you have to fight for things to value them.


Why to be a sportier?

It is a vital experience, it will help you develop as a person and professionally when moving in unfamiliar environments.

How can I be a Sportier?

You have to be over 18 and related to the sport.
You have to have the desire to promote sport to create a positive impact.

How long I can be volunteering?

We are continuosly expanding the countries, but so far we have the following destinations:



Is it really for free?

Yes, it’s free. You just have to pay for your flight to the destination. Our advice and finding a host is totally free.
You will need to commute yourself to some actions to create a positive impact to the world.

Which kind of sport I can do?

All kinds of sport, we understand sport as movement of the body.

What countries are available?

India, Nepal, Morocco, Myanmar.

What does it mean I organise my own volunteering program?

It means that SFTW is just the middleman. You will talk directly to your host once the match is made and you will agree on all your volunteering.

Can I go with my friend?

Yes, you can, although we recommend being separated into different organizations to enjoy the experience more.

Shall I bring some present to my hosts?

You don’t have to, although it’s always nice if you have a thought with them.

Do you provide an insurance?

No, it’s on you.
But we can help you select one.